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What happens when Professor Scatterbrains does some experiments? What usually happens are accidents, and this time, due to his mistake, the Swish-Swish phenomenon has occurred that changes objects, animals and people in time and space. Thus, some dinosaur eggs crossed a hundred million years and appeared in the 21st century, right in the place where the little ones are.

The little ones will be the protagonists of this adventure! They will have to go on an expedition, solve all the puzzles, and find the dinosaur eggs in order to return them to the past and restore the temporal order.

This escape game includes:

  • An adventure with 8 entertaining and educational missions;

  • Videos of Professor Scatterbrains with a lot of humor and even dances;

  • Dynamic games like the mission of matching the food inside the crocodile's mouth;

  • Origami of the dinosaurs so kids can make their own dino at the end of the game;

  • Personalized diploma.

💌 In this game you will find a personalized, dino-themed invitation, that you can use to organize a Dino Party for your little ones.

If the kids can't read yet, an adult needs to read the missions.

After making the payment you will receive an email with the files that you have to print, cut out and hide around the place following the instructions.

  • Players: unlimited*

  • Age: from 4 to 9 years old

  • To play anywhere

  • Difficulty level: medium

  • Preparation time:  30 min

  • Play time: 1 hour

  • Printing: color

  • Language: English


Portada escape rooom para niños de 4 a 9 años Dino Swish Swish

*If there are many players, we recommend dividing them into teams of 4/5 participants each and printing the game as many times as the number of teams there are. You will also need a device (phone or tablet) per group, to scan QR codes.

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Dino Swish Swish
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